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Skeleton Army(DX Ver)

Skeleton Army(DX Ver)

Skeleton Army(DX Ver)

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Ray Harryhausen’s Skeleton Army


Stop motion master, Ray Harryhausen, pitted the noble heroes against animated skeletons in several of his movies.  Ray’s skeletons provide a creepy, and sometimes funny villain that makes for a great action scene.


Star Ace has re-created Harryhausen’s skeletons as a 1/6 scale polyresin statue, armed with sword and shield, ready to take on any hero.  The skeleton comes with a rocky terrain base with real grass effects.  Get multiple statues to create your own skeleton army!


The Deluxe version of this statue includes a larger base with two more skeletons rising out of the ground, ready to do battle.



SA9051        Skeleton Army (Normal version)

SA9052        Skeleton Army (Deluxe version) – Limited Edition


30cm Statue with Diorama


License : Ray Harryhausen (100th anniversary series)


Product No. :           

SA9051               Skeleton Army (Normal ver.) /

SA9052               Skeleton Army (Deluxe ver.) – Limited Edition


Product Type :
Resin (PU) Statue, (1/6 scale) 30cm tall (Deluxe version with Polyresin Diorama base)

Product Size :

(Deluxe version) Statue:                        Approximately L 300mm W 130mm H 320mm

(Normal version) Statue:                       Approximately L 150mm W 100mm H 320mm


Product Weight :
SA9051 (NX)                    Approximately: 1.6 Kgs (including Diorama & Package)

SA9052 (DX)                    Approximately: 2.8 kgs (including Package)

Dimension (Shipping Box) :
SA9051 (NX)                    : App. 350H x 260 x 250D mm

SA9052 (DX)                  : App. 350H x 260 x 250D mm x 2

 (Dimension and weight could change later.)

Pcs / carton :            4 set (SA9051) / 2 sets (SA9052)


Packing              :     Closed Box


Release :            Q3, 2022


EAN Code :      SA9051 (NX)                            4 89705 788 951 3

                     SA9052 (DX)                            4 89705 788 952 0


Produced with the permission of The Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation (Charity Number SC001419).


© 2022 Star Ace Toys Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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