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CYCLOPS (Green color poster) VER

CYCLOPS (Green color poster) VER

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Ray Harryhausen’s - Cyclops(Green)


This is the 100th Anniversary for Ray Harryhausen, the master of movie stop motion animation.  In his honor Star Ace is proud to release the Cyclops, the terrifying protector of the genie’s lamp in The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad.  He carries his huge, spiked battle club and his single eye can be rotated.  His jaw is articulated for different display options.

Traditionally sculpted by the artisans of the famed creature shop of Kaibutsuya, this detailed Cyclops statue is made from soft vinyl and stands 32cm tall. Each piece is hand-painted to bring out the very fine details of the sculpt. 

The Deluxe version of this statue includes a display base with rocky beach terrain and has Sinbad and another sailor battling the giant monster.

SA9020G        Cyclops (Deluxe version) – Limited Edition



32cm Soft Vinyl Statue


License : Ray HarryHausen (100th anniversary series)

Product No. :           

SA9020G                     Cyclops (Green ver.) – Limited Edition /

Product Type :
Soft Vinyl Statue, (non scale) 32cm tall

Product Size :
Statue:                        Approximately L 300mm W 150mm H 320mm

Product Weight :
SA9020 (DX)                    Approximately : 2.0 Kg (including Diorama & Package)

SA9021 (NX)                    Approximately : 1.8 kgs (including Package)

Dimension (Shipping Box) :
SA9020 (DX)                    : App. 400H x 310 x 230D mm

SA9021 (NX)                  : App. 400H x 310 x 230D mm

 (Dimension and weight could change later.)

Pcs / carton :            2 set (inner) / 4 sets (outer) – SA9020

                            2 set (inner) / 4 sets (outer) – SA9021


Packing              :     Closed Box


Release :            Q1, 2021


EAN Code :      SA9020G                         4 89705 788 968 1



Produced with the permission of The Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation (Charity Number SC001419).

© 2020 Star Ace Toys Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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